Golf Monthly TOP 50 COACH

  • Proven track record of helping players achieve their individual goals from professional players and top amateurs to complete beginners
  • Vast expertise and experience in golf psychology and the mind game. Mind Factor Coach.
  • Golf specific fitness and nutrition advisor. TPI Qualified.
  • Qualified in club technology and custom fitting
  • Exceptional at planning to ensure continual player improvement with follow up on each lesson.
  • Keeps improvement fun and enjoyable therefore gets results.

Making your goals realistic and fun.
The product? A better golf game and a happier golfer.

Katie Dawkins is widely regarded as one of the best golf coaches in the South. With over 20 years of coaching experience her knowledge of every area of the game is formidable. She coaches the individual.



We’ve both so enjoyed our lessons with you – I was fairly reticent when Fiona first suggested it, having convinced myself that I didn’t want to take up golf until I was nearing retirement (gulp) but I can now see how important it is to get your body used to the swing etc earlier on and I can feel myself already getting sucked into the sport. I also felt slightly nervous about it in terms of its strict dress code and lots of formidable, disapproving pringle-clad ladies….but you’ve successfully dispelled that image for me – for which many thanks!

Charlotte Maude

I have worked with Katie two years and the results have been exceptional. I have had many golf professionals coach me over the years with limited results. It wasn’t bad information but there is a big difference between knowing where I’m going wrong and actually applying it to my game on the course. Katie has not only coached me to improve my technique she has taught me how to feel what is happening physically as well as mentally on the course. Through her solid knowledge of biomechanics swing that actually works for me rather than the standard one size fits all approach to golf. Her passion for what she does is infectious and her positivity has massively helped boost my confidence . I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking to improve both the physically and mentally.

Andy Edom